• Spa Treatment
  • Spa Treatment

The Clear Essence California Spa Experience

Spa Treatment
Therapeutic skin and body treatments are an essential element of overall health. Developed in coordination with internal health and beauty experts, our tailored beauty and body programs including massages and body wraps, provide the ultimate experience. You have waited long enough to restore your body to its natural balance, help us lead you on this journey.Whether you are an avid spa-goer or have never experienced a spa treatment, our intuitive spa therapists will leave you feeling relaxed and cleansed. Each treatment is highlighted by a natural plant, sea extracts and aromatic restorative essential oils.If being deliciously pampered is high on your list of things to do, book a spa treatment with us, you will love your experience at Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort.

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatment
The ultimate retreat providing a world class experience allows guests to unwind and enjoy our expert service. The spa offers ten treatment rooms, steam showers, sauna and a fitness center. Our Balinese therapists, fitness and wellness advisers ensure that our clients receive the ultimate personalized spa experience.

Full Body Swedish Massage
90 min - N24,00060 min - N18,000

Deep Tissue Massage
90 min - N27,00060 min - N19,000

Hot Stone Massage
90 min - N28,000

Lomi-Lomi Massage
90 min - N28,00060 min - N26,000

Thai Massage
90 min - N24,00060 min - N16,000

Reflexology Treatment
90mins -N25,00060mins -N18,000

Baby on the Way
60mins - N16,000

Head Massage
30mins - N5,000

Facials & Skincare

Spa Treatment
Clear Essence Signature Facial
90 min - N26,000
60 min - N20,000

Ultimate Clear Essence Gentleman's Facial
90 min - N26,000
60 min - N20,000

Hand & Foot Treatment

Spa Treatment
Signature Classic Manicure
45 min - N11,000

Signature Classic Pedicure
45 min - N11,000

Body Glow Scrubs & Wraps

Spa Treatment
Ultimate Indulgence Body Wrap
60 min - N22,000

California Spa Wrap
60 min - N22,000

Revitalizing Anti- Stress Body Mask
60 min - N22,000

Body Exfoliating Treatment
60 min - N22,000

Beautifying Waxing Services

Spa Treatment
Eyebrow: N5,000

Chin: N3,000

Upper Lip: N3,000

Hairline: N5,000

Full Face: N6,000

Underarms: N5,000

Full Leg: N10,000

Half Leg: N6,000

Chest: N8,000

Back: N9,000

Half Arm: N5,000

Full Arm: N9,000