Weekend getaway

Date night - Where to go in Lagos, Nigeria
Weekend Getaway:
Fun things to do in Lagos, Nigeria If you find yourself bored and looking for something to do with your friends or with your partner, then Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort has great news for you! We have compiled a list of what Lagos locals suggest as great date ideas while you enjoy your stay at our hotel.
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1.) Number one on the list of fun activities is the beach:
If you are thinking about where to go in Lagos, Nigeria, then we suggest the beach. There are plenty of activities to do at the beach and many ways to have fun. The beach is a great place to have a lovely picnic if you are on a date or with your family or friends. If you are looking to add a little bit of intimacy then you can arrive early to watch the sun rise or stay late and watch the sun set. The beach is a great place to have a bonfire, surf, BBQ, or just sit and get a lovely tan. There are many fun activities to do at beaches in Lagos, Nigeria.
2.) Dinner, movie, bar:
Everybody knows about the dinner/movie date combo but how about we spice things up by adding a bar in the mix. Many people start with dinner and then they go see a movie afterwards but it’s best to start with movies and then have dinner together. Seeing a movie first allows you and your date to have something to talk about rather than sitting across from each other and staring awkwardly away with nothing to talk about. Going to a bar is great because it allows for more conversation opportunity. If you are looking for a restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria and more specifically in the Ikoyi area then check out Vineyard Restaurant & Hollywood Bar at Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort. Hotels in Lagos, Nigeria are great places to visit if you are looking to grab a meal as well as drinks.
3.) Bowling
Yes, bowling. What makes bowling a great date idea for Lagos, Nigeria you ask? Well bowling is a fun, casual activity that lets you determine what kind of person your date is depending on their reaction to their score and yours. Bowling allows you to relax and communicate with your date without any pressure and bowling places tend to be around food, so you can eat after working up an appetite. Depending on what you and your date or friends are into, there are more great ideas you can check out (Mountain climbing, hiking, going to Museums, art galleries, and spending the day at the zoo). If a relaxing day is more your speed, then check out the Clear Essence California Spa in Lagos, Nigeria. Our very own spa boasts an array of massages including but not limited to Full Body Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Head Massage to help you relax and melt the stress away. Lagos, Nigeria has many great activities that you can do so if you are looking for things to do in Lagos, you will not be disappointed.