Getting to Know Our Staff

Hotels in Lagos Nigeria
Getting to know our staff – Hotels in Lagos, Nigeria Here at the Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness and Resort we pride ourselves in the excellent service we provide to our guests every day. We took this opportunity to introduce our lovely staff members who are responsible for keeping our [url=/accommodations]hotel in Lagos Nigeria[/url] running smoothly. Last week we introduced you to John Edeki who is our Staff of the Month for the month of March. This week, our featured staff for the month of April is Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort’s very own John Kume. Like our previous Staff of the Month, we took this opportunity to ask John a series of questions to get to know him a little more and to find out what John’s role is here at Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort.

[b]Question 1[/b]: What is your name? Answer: My name is John Kume [b]Question 2[/b]: Please Describe your Job Duties Answer: I work in the Guest Relation, Front Desk department. My duties include: 1.) Offering warm reception to guests upon arrival by way of creating unforgettable leisure experience so guests will always remember their time at Clear Essence spa. 2.) Proper documentation of guest data with absolute confidentiality 3.) Making sure that our guests have a pleasant experience during check in and check out. I am also responsible for carrying out other assigned duties. [b]Question 3[/b]: How long have you been working with Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort? Answer: I have been with Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort for about 6 months. Since October 2013. [b]Question 4[/b]: What is your favorite part about working at Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort? Answer: My favorite part of working for Clear Essence Resort and Spa is satisfying clients. [b]Question 5[/b]: Why is that your favorite part? Answer: Because when Customers are satisfied, then I know I did a great job. [b]Question 6[/b]: Can you describe yourself in 140 words or less? Answer: Humble transparent & diligent in executing my designated duties, believes much in the golden rule "Fair treatment to other as one wants himself to be treated" Passionate about goal actualization. [b]Question 7[/b]: Do you have any pets? Answer: No, I don’t have any pets [b]Question 8[/b]: What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Answer: My biggest accomplishment is having my own family that means everything to me. That’s it for John Kume, one of the awesome people that are responsible for making sure our[url=/accommodations] hotel in Lagos Nigeria[/url] is friendly and welcoming. Stay tuned for more “getting to know our staff.”