Spa Rituals

The serene environment of our resort is an ideal place for wellness therapy, whether you would like to detox, relax, energize, or simply recharge. A truly rejuvenating stay with us is made complete by taking a little time to enjoy a healing spa therapy.


Our Spa is set in a secluded and tranquil space of the resort for the ultimate pampering session. A sanctuary of calm, the spa is a haven for total relaxation, with a range of facial, massage and beauty. Choose from our variety of Clear Essence Spa Rituals. 



  • Start with a luxuriating foot bath followed by a body scrub complemented with a choice of steam or sauna and 60 minute massage to complete the experience. 2 hours (2.5 hour rituals include a rejuvenating body mask)
  • Sonoma Romantic Escape for Couples (2 hours) - N66,000 - Allow your senses to retreat from the stresses of the urban life and return to a state of joy and perfect harmony. Share two hours of this experience with your partner and create new memories with us. Whatever your wellness needs, we will go out of our way to ensure your stay leaves you feeling totally refreshed and relaxed to face the world again with success.
  • Malibu Deep Blue Sea-Mint (2.5 hours) - N58,000 - Deep cleanse and purge toxins with this exquisite combination of the sea's healing minerals enhanced with the relaxing yet powerful astringent of mint. Feel fresh, renewed and restored.
  • Re-awakening the Senses (2.5 hours) - N58,000 - Like a garden of delights this ritual feels like your body being caressed by a thousand petals of jasmine flowers. The subtle aroma of this essential oil embrace your senses and let your stresses be just a faint distant memory.
  • Anti-cellulite Firming Therapy (2.5 hours) - N58,000 - Slim, trim and breakdown fatty cell-clusters beneath the skin with this specialized natural therapy. The active ingredients include extracts of lemon, basil and grapefruit.
  • Monterey Marina Mist (2.5 hours) - N54,000 - Inspired by the deep blue revitalizing waves of the sea that renews and balances your energy. The fresh bouquet of geranium and cypress combined with lavender oil conspire to create the Malibu Marina Mist experience, leaving you feeling pristine like the untouched sand after the tides recede.
  • Zen Tranquility (2 hours) - N50,000 - Bring the body and mind in perfect harmony. Green-tea, ginger and seaweed bring a balance of calm and energy. Release all the day's stress and return to your clear essence.
  • Coconut Rejuvenation Elixir (2 hours) - N48,500 - Coconut, vanilla and cinnamon scents entice the senses while fruit extracts and rejuvenate the skin, completing your renewal in the most luxurious of ways.
  • Fit for a Queen (2 hours) - N48,500 - Wrap you body in the bounty of mother nature with this rich and creamy treatment that is fit for a queen. Inspired from Cleopatra's anti-aging secret - milk, combined with avocado and coco butter packed with vitamin A and C, rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin. Be the queen of queens for an afternoon.
  • The Gentleman's Choice (2 hours) - N47,500 - Realize your need to be pampered - indulge in a well deserved and hard earned invigoration with the special combination of sandalwood, patchouli and coffee. Recharge your epicenter and feel as powerful as you are.
  • Fresh Start Indulgence (2 hours) - N43,500 - Today is the perfect day for a fresh start. Indulge yourself with the fresh aromas of lemon lime and lemon grass that promises to make you new again. For the first time spa-goer, this is the perfect inaugural start.
  • California Citrus Rejuvenation (2 hours) - N42,000 - Get a boost of California sunshine into every cell and every pore. Enjoy the sweet smell sensations from tangerine essential oils. let us help you uplift your body and mind to renew your zest for life.
  • Aromatherapy Immersion (2 hours) - N42,000 - The ultimate in relaxation. Be enveloped in specially combined aromatherapy oils to ease your tensions away. Lavender, Bergamot and Lemon work to connect your body and mind and eases you into perfect balance from head to toe.

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